Nobody will believe me but last year, I met Frank Zappa’s drummer, and he was a happy go lucky guy, named Saturn, and he was originally from Chile. Chile in South America.

He would come into the office and say,
“New day, new money…”

and nobody knew what he meant, but that was his greeting and then he would get on the phone and do cash sales for a West Coast Capital loan company run by Israelis.

I worked there until I couldn’t stand it anymore, but I always value the process and now, I remember.

Meeting Saturn from Chile who was a drummer in the 60s, and who makes $150k a month;  there’s some luck and hard work going on there. He didn’t seem to mind working every day but he was really old and maybe pushing 80.  Or he might be in his 60s, how do I know. He still has his hair.


So by waking up each day, and saying

new day

new money

you actually grease the wheel

and cause considerable plot points or gain some yardage.

rallying from one brutal attempt to the next is the plight of mankind, so better learn how to fly

or die trying.