I’m all caught up with the Kardashians,  harboring no ill will toward them. Why should I? I rarely watch TV anymore, but when I do, it is hypnotizing, fascinating, and, while I mostly love skimming channels, I got hooked by HGTV and E, the Entertainment Network, home of the Kardashian Nation.

What a long, strange trip it’s been and these Hollywood KKK Klan are definitively redefining interracial families and social psychology.  They have black, white, armenian, transgender, and who knows what on their team of mutants. They are the new stone age family.

If I could watch more than one tv screen at a time, I would.

So, Kris and her special K kids have been on TV for ten long years and they are doing a retrospective. I am enthralled, since yesterday, Kiley, the baby sister is prego.  Fortunately, the father is not the douchebag, Tyga, Black Chyna’s ex, but a new rapper named Travis Scott.  You see, the K Klan is a huge soap opera in reality, but why hasn’t anyone killed that douchebag, Scott Kisick, is beyond me.  He is like the older son in this equation and not the father of Kourtney’s three kids.  He has more of a relationship with Kris, Khloe, and Kim, than Kourtney, so why don’t they ‘off’ him?  In a real soap opera, he would have been stabbed years ago. Khloe would be falsely accused until Kourtney owned up. I also realized he reminds me of Donald Trump, Junior, rich snot.



and, then there’s Kiley, and Kendall, and Caitlyn, oh my, and don’t hold me to the spellings, because heretofore, we shall refer to them as the “K”Series, and designate them differently as girl bots and production assistants.

So, Caitlyn moved to Malibu and wants Ky and Ken to buy horses for his/her barn, and Kris moved into a Calabassas palace where she has a new man, Corey, who is a little too sychophantic for me, but heh, she’s over 60.

Then of course, there’s the essential central villainess, Kimberly, who is a sex bomb, and nudist selfie taker, who married Kanye West, a pop star, had two. five children, and was nearly raped, robbed, beaten, and left for dead in a Paris Hotel. $ ten million in jewels were heisted.  Now, she says, she has a heightened sense of people ‘around’ her.

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BLM WY is at it again: helicopters will descend on the wild horses living in WY tmw. The public was only given a 1 day notice.



So, over the past few days, while I hole up in my hotel in Palmsprings, looking for a spacebase, I have traveled to Bora Bora with the K’s and with pre caitlyn Bruce and Kris Humphries, Kim’s first husband who is ten feet tall….



and so they “offed’ Kris Humphries, since that is one Kris, too many. And, they ‘offed’ Lamar, another NBA b-ball player, who married Khloe on a flash forward ratings weekend, and then ended up suffering a stroke after a night of partying in a brothel.

And, Kim got prego by Kanye while still married to Kris, and their daughter, North West, was born, prior to the wedding. They had another child, Saint, but their third child will be born via surrogate, and soon.


and, he is ‘holding’ up as best he can, having attached himself to this runaway train.

Now, where were we? Oh, so Scott, whose middle name is Douche, is still in the picture, although dating much younger women, while Kourtney with three kids in tow, dates much younger men.

Then, for my favorites, Kylie, Ken – doll, and their unfolding fashion empires, which includes Lip Kits, and clothing, and lawsuits for inappropriately using the likeness of others on a line of tee shirts.



and Kendall is big on the runways, so supermodel is her new job title.


But, more, than that, is “ROB” who lost his cute girlfriend, and replaced her with stripper, Black Chyna, who has a five year old by Tyga, Kylie’s ex, after getting knocked up by Rob, and having a baby girl, Dream, and then dumped Rob. Keep up, dammit, keep up!

She is my new hero. I call her Black Fat CATwoman, because she has no discernible skillset, but has two baby daddys, a prominent career as a showgirl, and a sharp business acumen. Her net worth is $3 million and rising.



and she wins the bootylicious contest, hands down.

plus, it is rumored that now she has her hooks into some Kardashian Kash.