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Now, that I live in the Desert…

I've decided to take up Surfing... Getting started surfing BY NANCY IVERSON Practice on the ground first. Connect the leash to your back foot and to the tail of your board, then lie belly-down on the board so that your body... Continue Reading →


They’re Baaaaack…….

The problem with Nazis, is that they don't care that they are Nazis. They are white supremacists, intolerant, and fixated on the fear that other-coloreds are going to usurp their land. At least, I think that's it... I often wondered... Continue Reading →


Sometimes as Americans we all feel a little bit helpless. While elections only take place annually, there are things that our politicians do which make us angry, yet, seemingly helpless. As the Trump administration continues a policy which separates families... Continue Reading →

Double Negative?

. Bannon: I don’t believe that Trump says things that are not true BY LUIS SANCHEZ - 06/17/18 12:02 PM EDT

Koch Enomics

author refx Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent’s Stealth Takeover of America By Lynn Parramore MAY 30, 2018 | HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT | INSTITUTIONS, POLICY & POLITICS Nobel laureate James Buchanan is the intellectual linchpin of the Koch-funded attack on democratic... Continue Reading →

Trumpanistas number less than 20 percent of Americans…

In 2016, the Democracy Fund, a Washington, DC-based foundation, gathered a group of nearly two dozen academics and polling practitioners with diverse political points of view to take a deeper look at important currents in the 2016 election. The ongoing... Continue Reading →


There's been a 25 percent increase in suicides since the 1990s.  Everybody suffers from depression and chronic anxiety and anger issues.  There's  a huge population dependent on psychiatric meds to keep their emotions in check, and there's a huge population... Continue Reading →

Is it Spock or Singularity?

According to the showrunners, Michael Burnham will be dealing with family issues and choices in season two, which means there could be some meaningful interaction with Spock. However, if producers stick with their commitment to remain true to canon, Sarek – who is... Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up the Ghost

Since I wrote about Stevie Nicks here before, I'm including her remarks on topics about rockdom. I remember my own musical journey, sparked by the movie bio of Billie Holiday, starring Diana Ross.  I was never exposed to this music,... Continue Reading →

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