Rock Democracy

Rock the Revoution

Triple Leveraged ETFz Pot STocks…

Written By Ray Blanco Chief Technology Officer Technology Profits Confidential April, 2017   Take Action Before October 1st and you could watch the... Secret “$50 MarijuanaStock Blueprint”... … Turn a Single $50 Bill Intoa Massive Fortune "Now is the right time to bet big on... Continue Reading →

Notes from the Revolution

Since childhood, I've been a closet Marxist, and read alot of his work although it it is mostly in German.  People associate Marx with pre war Russian and the overthrow of the Czar. But in Putin Times, Marxism is a... Continue Reading →

Can’t Win

I spent years looking for my soulmate; then it hit me! I must not have a soul.... So it goes, but I am alone and single and wonder why. Then I remember the cat. I have a friend, but their... Continue Reading →

White House Supremacist

While the rage is palpable, Steve Bannon was fired today and people think this is a solution, but its a tainted White House.  Trump only sees life as win or lose and threats or liabilities, but The Confederacy is under... Continue Reading →

Radiation Poisoning

First, everybody is out of their mind because El Trumpo has escalated the Nuke 'em high threats to a new level, and yes, he's a trainwreck of a president, so while I'm not worried, everybody else is. So, I try... Continue Reading →

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day…

I used to call it Blue Monday, but anything I can put off till Tuesday, I will, since Monday is a no action day. If I wake up enthused and filled with fireballs and fury to hurl onto the plane... Continue Reading →

Hair Trigger Missile Hits Charts   Fire and Fury and Freedom. My new policy is to get by in life by pretending I don't speak English. Como? I even play DEAF if necessary, and I am no head in the sand type. I just... Continue Reading →

Nuclear Fashion must haves…

  Now if only I knew where to buy this outfit, but I conjured it out of museum pieces, except for the ancient greek sandals which you can buy here....

New Day, New Money

Nobody will believe me but last year, I met Frank Zappa's drummer, and he was a happy go lucky guy, named Saturn, and he was originally from Chile. Chile in South America. He would come into the office and say,... Continue Reading →

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